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Marking the PDF after the pictures have been placed

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

So after carefully following the instructions in this post as to how to name the images so that they are imported correctly, the images will be imported at full size into the document. For horizontal images, this will mean the width of the text box and for vertical images, as large as possible to fit the height of the text box.

However, if the quality of the image is not good enough for press, then the image will be imported as large as possible such that it will be possible to print the image. For low quality images, this will give you visual feedback as to what the largest size the image can be.

The next stage is markup what size you want the image to be. This is done by, with the use of a sticky note in the pdf, simply stating the width you want the image to be.

Sometime you will want a number of images to appear on one line. We have a custom script called “Merge Images” that will automagically align the images perfectly. So if you want the next 3 images to appear on the same row, all that is necessary is to add a sticky note and write “merge 3”.

The below video demonstrates the process in Acrobat and then what happens in InDesign to execute the requests.

If you have a manuscript with many images (or perhaps none at all) then contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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