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Traditional book typesetting

Traditional print book typesetting costs around $3.50* a page, depending on the book’s complexity. The price is determined by variables such as the number of languages and the length of the text in its entirety.

For books with fewer than 150 pages, there is a supplemental setup fee of $100.

Author corrections cost $1.50**, but if the corrections are marked up in the PDF correctly, then this charge is waived for the first three drafts.***

Since every book is unique, we highly recommend contacting us to discuss the specific features of your book, and we’ll be happy to give you a more personalised quote in your currency.

Book Design

For books requiring a unique design treatment, the fee is $2,000. The price per page will be quoted after the design is completed.

Kindle & ePub

Once your book is typeset, we can create an ePub file for Kindle and other formats.

For trade books, the price is usually a fixed rate of $200 for Kindle typesetting, but make sure to get a quote in advance.


For jobs that are charged hourly, the fee is $180 per hour

* For clients living in Israel, VAT must be added.

** There is a minimum fee of $30 a draft
*** Assuming an average of 2 corrections (or fewer) per page.

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