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Jeanette Friedman

Editor in Chief, The Wordsmithy, llc.

17 Jun 2022

Raphael Freeman of Renanatype has the patience of a saint, is a great instructor on how to digitally proofread the work, and does a beautiful job on top of that, for a very reasonable price.

Yossi Berrebi

Branding the Next Unicorn

16 Jun 2022

Raphael is a master typesetter, I just published a 468-page book and all I can say is his service is implacable and his knowledge will make your project a success! Will use his services again and again!

Abby Dishi

Creative Coaching

7 Feb 2021

Raphael’s work is absolutely amazing! I was very impressed with his professionalism and accuracy. This was my first time writing a book and in addition to my manuscript I had photos that needed to be included and graphically designed to “work.”

Gary Levine


15 Dec 2020

As I began to dodder into my dotage, it occurred to me that there were a number of things that I have written in the last fifty years or so that I might like to collect in a book, in order to inflict them on my children and grandchildren and a few friends who might wish to be able to a point at a book on their shelves that they might decide to read one day.
My daughter, a professional editor and translator, had worked on a number of books for publishers who had utilized the services of Raphaël Freeman of Renana Typesetting and found them most satisfactory. I turned to Raphaël to help me with my project. I found him throughout to be possessed of professional expertise, a ready wit, and greater patience that I had any right to expect. Of particular help was a library of videos and other materials that Raphaël had prepared to instruct novices like me in the basics of preparing our manuscripts for typesetting. It was, all in all, a really pleasant experience.
I thank Mr. Freeman for his gracious help and direction, and I do not hesitate to recommend Renana Typesetting to anyone seeking such knowledgeable and affable guidance in preparing their own manuscripts.

Mindy Wiesenberg


21 Nov 2020

I am completely new to the world of publishing, having just written my first book and there is no doubt that without Raphael’s help I would not have achieved such a professional looking result. He helped me every step of the way during the typesetting process, being constantly on hand with immediate responses to my queries and a very quick turnaround of the manuscript. I am delighted with the result and I highly recommend him.

Caryn Meltz

Freelance Project Manager · Steinsaltz Center and Koren Publishers Jerusalem

11 Jun 2020

I have known Raphaël for years and am always amazed at his level of professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile on every project that he works on. He is also open to suggestion and willing to invest time in finding a better solution to make the work flow move more smoothly. You’ll get the best possible product with Raphaël!

צבי שטמפפר

מזכיר כבוד, מקיצי נרדמים

2 Jun 2020

רפאל פרימן הוא מעמד מקצועי שנעים ונוח לעבוד איתו.
הוא מוציא תחת ידיו עבודה איכותית ומדוייקת.
על כל אלו יש לציין את לוח הזמנים המהיר בו הוא עובד, ואת יכולתו להתאים את תוכנות העימוד לצרכים המשתנים של הלקוח ולהפיק תוצר מורכב באופן אסטתי.
לאור הנסיון הטוב שהיה לנו עם רפאל עה כה החלטנו להמשיך ולהיעזר בשירותיו בספרים נוספים.

Leonard E. Book PhD


20 May 2020

I have recently published my first book. I wish to state that without the patience and professional guidance of Mr. Raphael Freeman of Renana Typesetting, I doubt if my book would have seen the light of day. I, therefore, do not hesitate to recommend Renana Typesetting to any concern, private or commercial, who are seeking a friendly and professional typesetting company, such as Renana, for achieving a perfect conclusion to their project.

Charles Green

Photographer, author of ‘My Journey to Buckingham Palace and Beyond’

25 Apr 2020

It’s so reassuring to know that when Raphael is working on my project, it’s in the best possible hands. He is a professional perfectionist, efficient and creative, friendly and caring. A very rare combination to find in one human being. He is simply a pleasure to work with.

Yitzhak Berger

Prof. of Biblical Studies, Administrator, Hebraic Studies, Dept. of Classical and Oriental Studies, Hunter College

26 Mar 2020

My experience with Renana Typesetting was notably excellent. Multiple individuals involved in the project commented on how beautifully the typesetting was done. At each stage, Raphael did everything with remarkable alacrity while maintaining attention to detail, and he even offered a helpful copy-editing observation that enhanced the precision of the work. I would eagerly use his services again.

Tova Serkin

Director of Organizational Development at Shalom Hartman Institute

12 Jan 2020

I have worked with Raphael on two major projects over the last few years and have greatly appreciated his amazing turnaround time and quick responses. His expertise also really helped guide me, someone not from the world of type-setting and publishing, and allowed us to create the best possible product given that we are not professional publishers. Raphael’s customer service and expertise made working with him a pleasure!

Jason Rappoport

Managing Editor, Steinsaltz Translations

31 Dec 2019

I have been working with Raphael for several years, and I am always amazed by his professionalism, his attention to detail and his unparalleled ability to work to a tight schedule producing top quality work in a fraction of the time that others would take. I have worked with him on projects in English and French and whatever I do he has complete mastery of the relevant details, simultaneously working with my team and even advising us about matters only indirectly related to the typesetting aspect of the work. For large, complex and time-sensitive projects, Raphael is second-to-none.

Joyce de Jongh

Communications Manager DPM-UK

3 Jan 2019

We have been working with Raphael since March 2018, and find him a joy to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and produces high-quality work. Raphael combines two important features when it comes to typesetting: he’s both very accurate and also very creative. He uses his experience to help you make the right decisions to produce the best looking product that you can. His suggestions are innovative and creative but he keeps his eye on the ball and doesn’t take your project off track, or waste time. Also, his knowledge for the different standards of typography for different countries is a huge asset when typesetting in different languages.
Raphael has excellent project management skills which enable him to stick to timescales. We look forward to working with Raphael more, and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Tamar Weissman

author of “Tribal Lands”

20 Oct 2018

I must have received at least a dozen compliments over the last few years on the book’s layout and typesetting. It really does make a big difference in how the book is received and how seriously it’s taken.

Yuetting Cindy Lam

Publisher, Zizzle Literary Magazine, Hong Kong

13 Sept 2018

I’m so glad to have found Raphael for the typesetting of the debut hardcover issue of Zizzle. His service was efficient and professional. He urged me to watch some of the videos in his blog, which turned out to be extremely helpful in simplifying the otherwise overwhelming editing process.

Nechamie Margolis

Your story. We write it. Brookyn, NY

23 Jun 2018

Raphaël Freeman just completed the typesetting for my book and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The fonts he chose, the styles he used to place the pictures and set up the chapters, all complement the subject matter of the book and enhance it. He worked quickly and accurately, his rates are competitive and reasonable and he is very responsive during the editing process.
I highly recommend him and hope to use him again for future projects.

Shifra Weiss

Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

18 Mar 2018

Raphael is precise, patient and produces excellent work. Prof. Garfinkel and I have worked with him on a number of academic publications in archaeology. Typesetting for these kinds of publications require extra attention and patience optimizing the integration of text, photographs, technical drawings and their matching tables. We are very satisfied with not only the final product but also the patient and professional manner in which Raphael interacted with us. He is always available, efficient, creative, has an eye for detail and most of all he is patient.
Looking forward to working with him soon!

דניאל פליישמן

עמותת סולמות

15 Feb 2018

לאחרונה סיימנו לעבוד על ספר נוסף בסדרת 'הלכה ממקורה' עם רפאל פרימן.
על אף שסדרת 'הלכה ממקורה' מורכבת מאוד מבחינת העיצוב שלה, רפאל התמודד בצורה מצוינת עם כל הקשיים שהעמסנו עליו, והוציא מתחת ידיו ספר מפואר ויפהפה.
רפאל עובד בצורה מקצועית ויעילה, קשוב לכל הצרכים והבקשות שלנו, ויודע לתת מענה מדויק, מתאים ומהיר. בנוסף, רפאל לא חוסך בעצות (גם בתחומים שאינם נוגעים ישירות לגרפיקה), והאיר את עינינו בתחומים נוספים הקשורים להדפסת הספר.
אנו שמחים להמשיך ולעבוד עם רפאל, ונמשיך לעצב אצלו גם את הספרים הבאים בסדרה.
ממליצים בחום לכל מי שרוצה עבודה נקייה, מהירה, יפה ואיכותית בצורה בלתי רגילה – להשתמש בשירותיו של רפאל.

Dr. Patrick Quanten


7 Dec 2017

Being a total nitwit as far as publishing and preparing a book for publishing is concerned I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Renana Typesetting. The professional guidance and patient tutorials have resulted in a beauty overclassing my highest expectations. I didn't know all of this was possible but it did materialise. My most sincerest thanks for this wonderful journey at Renana Typesetting.

Nancy Acord

Founder of Nibbana Buddhist Education Foundation, Kansas

29 Jul 2017

This is my first time publishing a book. Naturally, I really needed help in all sorts of things. Particularly, I had no idea how to handle typesetting or cover design. Raphael was so sweet helping me with all the details and he was ever so patient with many changes I had to make. Also, his recommendation of a graphic designer, Natalie worked out great. I am very happy with the book and the cover. Now we are working on publishing the book on Kindle. I am sure it will work out great.

Joe Gregory

Publisher, ReThink

29 May 2017

Precision, speed and professionalism mark Raphaël out as a special talent when it comes to typesetting. His obvious knowledge and experience in this area means I can also rely on him to spot for potential issues and ensure the highest quality finished book. Raphaël has quickly become a valued and reliable member of our freelance team and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka


5 Jan 2017

Over the course of the past few years, in working with Raphael Freeman on various books, I have been, and continue to be impressed with the many qualities he brings to his work. First and foremost, he is pleasure to work with. He reacts instantaneously, he works diligently, he responds with wisdom, he helps in so many ways.
His expertise goes beyond being a master of the craft. He uses his wide range of knowledge to make suggestions that enhance the final product. He does so without imposing, very gently and kindly. And he is really really patient.
In a word, when you get Raphaël Freeman, you get the best.

Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu


15 Dec 2016

Cette année et l’année précédente j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Raphael Freeman pour la mise en page et l’impression de trois livres de qualité. J'ai été très impressionnée par la qualité, l'exactitude, la rapidité de l’execution de ces travaux. Je ne peux que recommander très sincèrement ce bureau.

Avi Schneider


3 May 2016

I freely admit that before Mr. Freeman presented me with a sample of my manuscript newly typeset to Renana standards, I had no idea the extent to which it would impact reader experience. Think about the difference between watching a movie on an old clunky television set as compared to the viewing experience of a 4K flat screen. That’s how I felt looking at my new gorgeous interior. Thank you Mr. Freeman for the professional quality of your work, and for all your advice on the publishing process, which was always plentiful, and always on point.

‏חנן בניהו

‏‏מנהל הוצאה לאור – יד הרב נסים

2 May 2016

‏מכון המחקר שלנו פרסם לאחרונה ארבעה ספרים באמצעות השרות המעולה של רפאל פרימן. השרות של רפאל משלב מקצועיות, אמינות, אחריות ורצון לספק ללקוחותיו את התוצר הטוב ביותר. בנוסף על כך, העבודה עם רפאל היא גם נעימה ביותר במישור האישי, התקשורת איתו מצויינת, הערותיו מחכימות ונכונות ומבטאות נסיון רב ועשיר בעולם עשיית הספרים. במכונינו הוצאנו באמצעותו מספר ספרים שבהם היה צורך לשלב טקסטים מסוגים שונים, כגון מקור, תרגום, הערות ושינויי נוסח במיפתח אחד. רפאל השכיל למצוא פתרונות לכל הקשיים הגראפיים והאסתטיים שעלו, והתוצר היה מרשים ביותר. בתחילה שכרנו את שרותיו של רפאל רק לצורך עימוד הספרים, אבל מהר מאד שכרנו את יתר השירותים שהוא מציע (לוחות, הדפסה וכריכה) ואנו מרוצים מאד מאיכות התוצר ולא פחות חשוב – מהעלויות, זמני האספקה והאחריות. חושבני, שמי שיבחר בשרותיו של רפאל פרימן – יהיה לקוח מרוצה מאד.

Lucina Tabasso

ERCULES Comunicazioni

7 Feb 2016

Raphael ci ha aiutati nell'impaginazione (e adattamento) in lingua araba e ebraica di opuscoli, libri a fumetti e libri da colorare. Il suo aiuto è stato prezioso per il corretto utilizzo e la scelta dei migliori font nonché per la disposizione delle frasi e della grafica secondo il diverso verso di lettura/scrittura. è stato sempre molto disponibile, veloce e puntuale nelle consegne e lavorare con lui è stato un piacere.

Sonja Rethy

Managing Editor of HUC Press

26 Jan 2016

Raphael has done wonderful work for us at Hebrew Union College Press. We publish scholarly work, as well as literature, poetry, etc., and many of our books are “difficult,” including complex combinations of languages – English and Hebrew, but also often Greek, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic. Raphael is careful and precise, and the books he’s set for us are all very attractive visually as well. Raphael is also extremely pleasant to work with; he’s intelligent and funny, and always available to discuss anything that might come up.

Patti Crane

Story Monsters

25 Jan 2016

Raphael of Renana Typesetting has typeset several books, including a couple that were somewhat more complex, for our company. We are quite pleased with how knowledgeable, timely and patient he is. We cannot say enough good things about Renana Typesetting!

Shawn Lichaa

Karaite Press

26 Jan 2016

Raphael was an absolutely spectacular partner on our first project together. He gave us guidance as to how to create the best product possible. He suggested several ideas that we incorporated. He also delivers work in a quick and timely manner. We were so pleased, we are planning to use him again for other work in the very near future.

Robert Brody

Professor of Talmud, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

25 May 2015

I have recently finished working with Raphael Freeman of Renana Typesetting on an extremely complex typesetting project and I welcome this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the quality of his work and his participation in our collaborative effort. The book which I am about to publish is a collection of writings by Saadia Gaon in Judeo-Arabic, accompanied by translations into Hebrew, explanatory notes and prefaces. These texts are known almost exclusively from a variety of fragmentary manuscripts, and for most of the material there are overlapping manuscripts whose readings I have presented in the form of a critical apparatus keyed to line numbers. The presentation of the texts required a number of special typographical symbols as well as a line-numbering program; in addition, I was anxious to present the original texts opposite their translations on facing pages, which necessitated deciding on an individual basis how much material (original and translation, along with their accompanying variant readings and notes) to include in each opening.
Mr. Freeman demonstrated first-rate typesetting and design skills. He proved equally adept at finding and exploiting the most appropriate software for my specific purposes and at overcoming the inherent limitations of this software. I particularly appreciated his unfailing courtesy and perseverance in the face of demands which must often have seemed quite unreasonable if not impossible. I highly recommend Renana Typesetting for any typesetting project, including complex and challenging undertakings.

Rabbi Daniel Mann

Author of Living the Halachic Process and A Glimpse at Greatness

2 May 2015

I have published three books with the help of Raphael of Renana Typesetting and have found him to be professional, prompt, and patient with my questions and changes. I highly recommend Renana.

Rabbi Natan Slifkin

Director at The Biblical Museum of Natural History

25 Feb 2015

I had an enormously complicated typesetting job – an encyclopedia with lots of photographs and also Hebrew text – and I wanted the best. The recommendation that I received was to go with Renana Typesetting, and I’m glad that I did so – the end result is fantastic!

Rabbi Chaim Cunin

Chabad House Publications, Los Angeles

25 Feb 2015

We have been working with Renana for 2 years now on numerous publishing projects. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

Lynn Douek

Project Manager, Gefen Publishing House

24 Feb 2015

I work with Raphael on many projects on an ongoing basis. Raphael is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has endless patience and provides true service with a smile. He is the person to call on for all types of work from short and urgent to long term and complex. He can be trusted to deliver quality work every time. Renana Typesetting is the ultimate address for highly skilled, creative, professional work

Steve Bailey


24 Feb 2015

I have used Renana Typesetting for two books. The detailed attention to all aspects of editing, font, layout and balancing was thorough and professional. The response time to receive edited material and proofs was unusually prompt – often with 48 hours or less. The final product was clean, attractive and done to specifics required to publish. I would not hesitate to continue using Renana for my future needs.

Rav Matis Weinberg


9 Feb 2015

Working with you over the past years has been like having a true partner-in-arms. What a difference that makes to productivity, to pleasantness, and to output quality!

Avishai Magence

Production Manager at Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.

8 Apr 2013

Working with Raphaël was truly inspiring and enjoyable. Raphaël is a visionary with his feet on the ground capable of seeing the broad picture while caring for the finest details. His sincere openness to listening to each and every person while still ‘keeping his eye on the ball’ and maintaining a clear idea of what needs to be done is a priceless attribute among his developed managerial skills.

Gabe Harbs


7 Apr 2013

Raphael is one of the most professional typesetters I've had the pleasure of dealing with. He has a very strong eye for detail and is very capable of setting up a highly productive publishing environment.
Raphael is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him very highly.

Joanna Benarroch

Office of Rabbi Sacks

30 Apr 2013

Raphael and I have been colleagues for over 10 years. Recently I had occasion to utilize his services in creating and typesetting marketing materials for my new company. Raphael’s attention to every detail and his vast knowledge of proper typesetting and style are remarkable.
It is very easy to work with Raphael and you can be sure you will receive professional work in the required timeframe.

Eli Clark

Partner at Ickovics, Neustadter, Clark & Sabag

10 Apr 2013

I am an attorney. I have worked with Raphael on several projects, in which Raphael took the product from conception to market. He demonstrated management skills and executive ability, assembled the team, established timelines and work plans and worked within budget constraints. He brings high technical and professional standards, as well as fierce dedication and commitment to achieving the final goal, along with admirable interpersonal skills.

Sam Michelson

CEO at Five Blocks Inc.

14 Apr 2013

Raphael and I have been colleagues for over 10 years. Recently I had occasion to utilize his services in creating and typesetting marketing materials for my new company. Raphael’s attention to every detail and his vast knowledge of proper typesetting and style are remarkable.
It is very easy to work with Raphael and you can be sure you will receive professional work in the required timeframe.

Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

CEO and Co-Founder

15 Jul 2005

I have used the services of Raphael Freeman and Jerusalem Typesetting for several projects. He is both professional and extremely helpful in navigating the entire process of typesetting and book production. All my clients were very impressed with his work. I will definitely use him in all my future books

Zoe Bermant

CEO and Co-Founder

27 Jun 2005

Jerusalem Typesetting were able to turn-around a highly important annual financial report, that normally takes weeks to produce, in just 2 days. Fast, accurate and most importantly pleasant to work with. I wouldn’t take my work anywhere else.

Daniel Feingold

Director of Operations at TopTrans Translation Services Ltd.

13 Jun 2005

It is a joy to work with Raphael. He is extremely proficient and always punctual.

Kibi Hofmann

Managing Consultant at Tsemed

5 Jun 2020

I have known Raphael for years. He is an extremely reliable, precise typesetter who provides a fast service of astonishingly high quality. His knowledge of the typesetting field is both broad and deep and he is able to recommend the correct solution for each project as appropriate.
Highly recommended.

Deborah Meghnagi

Freelance Book Editor

25 Oct 2005

In my position as Senior Editor at Toby Press, I have worked with Raphael closely on the typesetting of many books, since he typesets all our books. His work is quick, smooth, and professional, and is performed at a very high standard.

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