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Videos: A Peek into the Process

We have updated our video on how to mark up a PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
And here is the older version for Adobe Reader Xl. We prefer this program over the newer DC because the comments feature is better and more user friendly. This is the same video that we have on our PDF Markup page which also includes text instructions.
[גם בעברית]
As a follow up, here is a video explaining how to download the Acrobat Xl program and how the corrections are entered into the typesetting process.
Here is a video showing how we use scripts to automate typesetting.
For very complex jobs, for example this Jewish Bible, we often use scripts in order to speed up the process and to ensure accuracy and consistency. In this video you can see this in action. Please note that for authenticity, this video was recorded in real time and has not been edited.
In this video we demonstrate our customized script for handling ta‘amey mikra.
For editors, proofreaders and authors out there, we have prepared a video as to how to use paragraph styles in Microsoft Word to prepare your text efficiently for typesetting.
In addition to paragraph styles, we have prepared a video as to how to use character styles in Microsoft Word as well.
paragraph styles
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