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Gary Levine


As I began to dodder into my dotage, it occurred to me that there were a number of things that I have written in the last fifty years or so that I might like to collect in a book, in order to inflict them on my children and grandchildren and a few friends who might wish to be able to a point at a book on their shelves that they might decide to read one day.
My daughter, a professional editor and translator, had worked on a number of books for publishers who had utilized the services of Raphaël Freeman of Renana Typesetting and found them most satisfactory. I turned to Raphaël to help me with my project. I found him throughout to be possessed of professional expertise, a ready wit, and greater patience that I had any right to expect. Of particular help was a library of videos and other materials that Raphaël had prepared to instruct novices like me in the basics of preparing our manuscripts for typesetting. It was, all in all, a really pleasant experience.
I thank Mr. Freeman for his gracious help and direction, and I do not hesitate to recommend Renana Typesetting to anyone seeking such knowledgeable and affable guidance in preparing their own manuscripts.

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