Creating a seamless experience for your readers


A seamlessly typeset book is always our goal when it comes to each project. Our philosophy is that a sophisticated book is like a road: it should be smooth and easy to navigate. The reader should enjoy the entirety of the story without distraction or visual speed bumps. Good typography should, ironically, be appreciated but not noticed.

Tamar Weissman

author of “Tribal Lands”

20 Oct 2018

I must have received at least a dozen compliments over the last few years on the book’s layout and typesetting. It really does make a big difference in how the book is received and how seriously it’s taken.

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Fine-tuned type is our passion.
With over 25 years of experience 
in digital typesetting, Renana Typesetting uses that expertise
to create perfectly designed print and digital media every time. As new media evolves, so does typography – and Renana will be at the forefront each step forward.


So if text figures, full ligatures, true small caps, and optical margin alignment are important typographic details to you (whether you understand them or simply trust us that they are critical to good design!) you have come to the right place: We provide a full service experience from beginning to end whether you are an established publisher or a first-time author.


We’re passionate about typesetting your meticulously precise, exceptionally designed print & digital book